Are there Quantum Jumps?   On the Present Status of Quantum Mechanics

5–9 September 2005   Trieste & Mali Losinj

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Picture of the Miramare Castle

Are there Quantum Jumps?

5 September 2005, ICTP — Trieste, Italy

Celebration of the 70th birthday of Professor GianCarlo Ghirardi.
Distinguished guests will talk on foundation of Physics. Confirmed speakers: Stephen L. Adler (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, USA); David Albert (Columbia University, New York, USA); Giovanni Jona-Lasinio (Universitą “La Sapienza”, Rome, Italy); Roger Penrose (Oxford University, Oxford, UK); Alberto Rimini (Universitą di Pavia, Pavia, Italy).


Picture of Mali Losinj

On the Present Status of Quantum Mechanics

7–9 September 2005, Mali Losinj, Croatia

The conference will cover different topics on the foundations of Quantum Mechanics, from the mathematical, physical, and philosophical point of view. A significant amount of time will be devoted to interdisciplinary discussions.



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