Are there Quantum Jumps?   On the Present Status of Quantum Mechanics

5–9 September 2005   Trieste & Mali Losinj

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Details of both meetings

1. Monday 5th Sept. Meeting: “Are there Quantum Jumps?”

There will be a morning and an afternoon session.
In the evening there will be a banquet in honor of GianCarlo Ghirardi.
We suggest people to arrive on Sunday 4th Sept.

2. Tuesday 6th Sept. Travel to Mali Losinj.

The organization will provide a bus for transfering participants from Trieste to Mali Losinj.
DEPARTURE TIME: late morning.
TRAVEL TIME: 4–5 hours. There can be possible delays due to queues at the ferry-boat harbor.
ACCOMODATION: We suggest the participants to look for accomodation at Hotel Aurora in Mali Losinj.
VISA INFORMATION: please check for the documents required to travel from Trieste to Losinj: please, take into account that we will cross both the Italy-Slovenia and the Slovenia-Croatia borders.

3. Wednesday 7th – Friday 9th Sept. Meeting: “On the Present Status of the Quantum Mechanics.”

The conference will take place at the Hotel Aurora.
FACILITIES: there will be both a computer and a slide projector, as well as a flip chart.

4. Saturday 10th Sept. Travel back to Trieste.

The bus will take the participants back to Trieste.
We strongly recommend people to use the bus to come back to Trieste; other solutions will neither be provided nor financially covered by the organization.
We will probably arrive in Trieste in the mid or late afternoon, so please check whether you need accomodation in Trieste for the night of Saturday.

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